Works with direct cut, which makes her work a real creative authenticity.
Painter who developed a passion for sculptures and started to create artworks from stone.
Some of her work attracted the attention of American, French and Moroccan collectors.

* Laureate – Posters competition – organised by the administration of Aalst.
* Evening courses – Academy of Fine Arts – Aalst (graphic arts, ceramic, drawing)
* Day-course Academy of Fine Arts (mosaïc, painting)
* Academy of Fine Arts – Brussels (painting,drawing)
* Academy of Fine Arts - Belgrado (Yougoslavia)
* Unesco scholarship (spécialisation painting)
* Many exhibitions in Brussels, Knokke
* Individual exhibitions : Brussels Sheraton , Lovendegem (Cultural Centre), Oostduinkerke (CGER), Aalst (Cave du Beffroi ) Furnes (BBL), Tubize ( Musée de la Porte)

Evolution from figurative to abstract/ from painting to sculpture

* Sculpture workshop –High school for plastic arts – Anderlecht (Brussels)
* Exhibitions :
Ministery of Dutch Culture (Brussels)
Liberty in Art (Brussels)
SN Brussels Airlines (Loung Business Class -Brussels international airport )
Lievino (Koksijde)
Group exhibition – Cultural Centre -  Meise
Arts et Renaissance (Marville/France)
* Realisation of the trophy for the Walter Baeke price (best journalist-tourism of the year)
* Realisation of the trophy for the Walter Baeke price (best journalist – tourism of the year)
Redant  Gallery(Malines/Belgique)
Group exhibition - casemates Montmédy

* Jewellery courses in the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarlen (Belgium)
* Since april 2009 atelier in Casemate 3 and permanent exhibition in Casemate4 -Citadelle de Montmédy-France
* Cultural Centre  Ipoustéguy – Doulcon -France
* Museum -  Stenay - France
* Art en Gaume – Etalle - Belgium
* Reg’art  Salle Blondin – Soetrich –Grande Hettange - France
* D’art et de corps – selection of juwellery – Bergen -Belgium
* Sculptures’L – International Meeting Soetrich – Hettange –France
* Paris New York Gallery - Luxembourg
* Gallery « Caractères » - Charleville-Mezières -France

  Mentioned in « Gallery’s and Artists » - Dictionary of the Belgian artists in the XIX en XX Century (Piron)