The work of Raymonde De Bolle calls upon the essential principles of sculpture. Among these, one finds the fundamental elements: choice of material, size, volumes, shape and the artist’s work of the stone.

Each new piece leads to the discovery of a different, original material: Belgian Royal Red marble, Portuguese or Italian marble, Turkish onyx...

The intrinsic characteristics of each stone, a.o. colour and particular features, are put to expression in the best possible way whilst the relationship with the size and the volume of the work is getting all due attention.

In fact, the direct cut approach has an  irrevocable dramatic quality, and gives the sculptures of Raymonde De Bolle DB true authenticity. Bear in mind that direct cutting does not allow the  sculptor to modify or to correct the work he has already done, while in model making, the artist can change his ideas at any time and modify the work in progress.

When meeting the work of Raymonde de Bolle, one experiences that her approach to form is embedded into the craftsman’s tradition.

If, at first, one may find that her work amounts much to cutting, sawing and drilling the stone, one will in fact be carried back in time to the symbolic language of Stonehenge in the south of England or of  the Dolmens near Carnac, Bretagne.

In other words, at a time when art is often reduced to become the mirror of a quickly evolving mass culture, the sculptures of Raymonde De Bolle on the contrary, convey a timeless quality and, hence, do not limit themselves the moment’s fashion.

Octave Scheire
Prof. History of Art